1. We are dental implant experts

Since 2000 we have placed and restored over 7000 dental implants; more than any other New Zealand dental practice. Our office and surgeries are purposely designed for implant dentistry and we stock the largest implant inventory in New Zealand. We offer a complete range of dental implant services, including tooth extraction, implant surgery, implant restoration, sinus lifting, bone grafting, and ACC dental implant care. A fantastic dental implant result requires the expertise of both a skilled surgeon to place the implants and a skilled cosmetic dentist to place the restorations on top. We are fortunate to offer the services of both a world-class implant surgeon (Dr Worthington) and a world-class cosmetic dentist (Dr Sauer).

2. One stop shop

Unlike most other dental practices, we perform all aspects of your dental implant care here on our premises. This is unusual: most dental practices perform either the implant surgery or the implant restoration, so patients are usually sent to different practices for different aspects of their treatment. Having a ‘one stop shop’ such as our practice confers many benefits, including:

– Improved outcomes. Successful implant treatment requires excellent communication between the surgeon placing the implants, and the dentist who will restore them. Treatment should be planned by the restoring dentist, who then communicates to the surgeon exactly where the implant/s should be placed in order to optimize the final restoration. If an implant is not ideally placed as per the restoring dentist’s recommendation, the end restoration will suffer. Obviously the communication between the two dentists is optimized when both are present during the implant surgery; at Dental Artistry Dr Sauer oversees the surgeries of all implants that she will restore.

– The buck stops here. The surgical and restorative phases of implant treatment are synergistic – they rely on each other for success. A poorly positioned implant can affect the aesthetics of a restoration; a less than ideal crown can make an implant fail. If problems occur it is common for there to be ambiguity in who should take the blame – the implant surgeon or the restorative dentist – and patients often don’t know where to turn. Our patients know that if they ever develop problems related to their implants, they can count on us to help them.

– Fewer dental visits and consultations. Visiting more than one dental practice to have treatment completed is inconvenient and takes time. Multiple consultations also add to treatment costs. At Dental Artistry all of your implant care, from the extraction of your tooth/teeth, to the placement of your implant crown/bridge or denture can be completed on site with us.

Same day teeth. A major advantage of offering both implant surgery and restoration in one facility is that many of our patients can be treated with ‘same day teeth’. That means that your failing tooth or teeth can be extracted and replaced with an implant-retained crown or bridge at the one appointment. Even patients with full dentures can have their implants placed and restored on the same day!

3. Dental technician on site

Our dental technician Toshi works on site and manufactures all of our implant dentures. Working on site means that Toshi can meet each patient and idealize the aesthetics of their teeth to best match their face. Patients can also communicate their aesthetic desires directly with Toshi, and this leads to improved outcomes. Having a dental technician on site also means that many of our treatments can be completed in less time than would otherwise be the case.

4. We offer you options

Although implants are a focus of our practice we will not recommend dental implants unless it is the best treatment for you. If alternative treatment options are more appropriate we will discuss them with you and provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

5. Exceptional standards

Our standards are world class and uncompromising and we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our services. We use only the best products, materials and dental technicians and we stand behind our work.

6. We care about our patients

We treat our patients how we would like to be treated ourselves, with friendliness, courtesy and confidentiality. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service and ensure that all interactions with, and visits to our practice are a positive experience. If any of our patients has a problem we do our utmost to remedy it.

7. We like to have a laugh

Our practice is a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming environment and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love our workplace and the satisfaction of helping our patients and making them smile. It is not unusual to hear laughter throughout the halls of Dental Artistry.