Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics

Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics

1. Exceptional standards

Dr Sauer is the perfectionist’s perfectionist. She has an Australasia-wide reputation for the quality of her treatment outcomes and will stop at nothing to provide her patients with the best dental care available. To this end Dr Sauer only uses the best products, materials and dental laboratories and she refuses to compromise quality in order to save time or money. All of her veneers and crowns are made in Australia by a world leading dental ceramist. As a result, Dr Sauer re-treats a lot of patients who are unhappy with the cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics they have received at other dental practices. It is common for us at Dental Artistry to hear ‘I wish I’d come here first for my treatment’.

2. One stop shop

The unique combination of skills of our practitioners means that Dental Artistry can offer a range of treatments unequalled by most dental practices. Our expertise extends to specialised areas including orthodontics, complex cosmetic reconstructions, TMJ treatment and dental implants. This means that all of your dental needs can be taken care of ‘in-house’, without referral to other practitioners.

Having a ‘one stop shop’ such as our practice confers many benefits, including:

  • Unbiased treatment recommendations.
    It is human nature for dentists to recommend treatments that they themselves can perform, rather than those requiring referral of the patient to another practitioner. Unfortunately this can lead to biased treatment recommendations: for example a patient whose crowded teeth would best be treated with orthodontics may instead be told that veneers would serve them just as well. Similarly, a patient whose missing tooth is best replaced with a dental implant may instead have a bridge recommended. At Dental Artistry you can be certain that the treatment we recommend is best for you, not best for us. Our recommendations are unbiased and are rooted firmly in the best interests of our patients. Plus all of your care is completed at our practice by experts in their fields.
  • Improved outcomes.
    The successful management of most cosmetic dental cases requires excellent communication between all of the dentists providing the treatment. This can be difficult when the dentists work in different practices.
  • Fewer dental visits and consultations.
    Visiting more than once dental practice to have treatment completed is inconvenient and takes time. Multiple consultations also add to treatment costs. At Dental Artistry all of your dental care, including fillings, orthodontics, veneers and crowns, TMJ treatment and dental implants can be completed on site with us.

3. We care about our patients

We treat our patients how we would like to be treated ourselves, with friendliness, courtesy and confidentiality. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service and ensure that all interactions with, and visits to our practice are a positive experience. If any of our patients has a problem we do our utmost to remedy it.

4. We like to have a laugh

Our practice is a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming environment and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love our workplace and the satisfaction of helping our patients and making them smile. It is not unusual to hear laughter throughout the halls of Dental Artistry.