Meet Sarah Cole

Sarah Pic.PNGDr Sarah Cole has been a fabulous addition to our Dental Artistry team. With her warm and fun manner Sarah fits in really well. In addition to her rich dental experience and professionalism, Sarah is a wonderful presence who is well loved by her patients.

For those of you that would like to know a bit more about Sarah, I have asked her a few questions.

Dr Sarah Cole, (BDS Otago)

1. It is great to have you on board at Dental Artistry, how are you finding working here with us?

“It is great to be here at Dental Artistry. It is highly professional here with a fantastic atmosphere - it really feels like you are part of a team.”

2. What inspired you to become a dentist?

“I am a Southern girl from a medical background; my parents were highly motivated in anything to do with health and dentistry was highly valued. I had orthodontic treatment and I guess because of this, my interest in dentistry came early.”

3. Do you have a personal philosophy that you adhere to with your dentistry?

“I have always believed that you treat people as you would want to be treated yourself - this goes for dentistry and beyond.”

4. What is your favourite aspect of dentistry?

“A confident smile is everything and if you can make people feel better about themselves, then that is fantastic. Cosmetic dentistry is what I find most rewarding for this reason.”

5. Tell us a bit about your life outside of work.

“My life outside dentistry revolves around my family, friends and sport. I am married to a periodontist and have 3 children. We all share a love of sport and the outdoors and this is a focal point in our leisure time together.”

To make a time to see Dr Sarah Cole at Dental Artistry, contact us today.