Meet Ruth Wang - our multitasking dental professional

Ruth Wang is an invaluable member of our professional team. Practicing predominantly as an Oral Health Therapist, Ruth is also a trained as an Oral Myologist and an Orthodontic Auxiliary.

As an Oral Health Therapist, Ruth is both a dental therapist and a dental hygienist. A dental therapist is able to do x-rays and dental examinations as well as treatments such as the application of fissure sealants, fillings and the extraction of baby teeth in patients under 18 years of age. As regular orthodontic appointments do not check for decay, it is important to keep an eye on the health of your teeth. A regular decay check with Ruth is a smart move if you do not have this done elsewhere.

As a hygienist Ruth can educate patients of all ages on their oral health as well as giving a full clean and applying preventative agents. Given that Ruth is also trained as an orthodontic auxiliary, this is particularly useful for our patients who have braces, as Ruth can remove wires, do the clean and then replace the wires.

Oral Myology is a new field where patients are trained to strengthen and improve the placement of their tongue and breath through their nose. This not only has overall health benefits as a result of improved oxygen uptake, but also improves sleep, reduces snoring, and helps with orthodontic retention. Ruth runs training sessions with patients who need help with retraining their orofacial muscles to support their orthodontic work.

If you have a teen undergoing orthodontic treatment, Ruth is your first port of call!