Dental Implant Specialists

In New Zealand (and to the best of the author’s knowledge, all other countries), there is no such thing as a dental implant specialist. So, no, the dentists at Dental Artistry are not ‘Dental Implant Specialists’, and neither is any other person in New Zealand!

Drs Worthington and Sauer could however be deemed ‘Dental Implant Experts’.

Dr Worthington has been performing implant surgery for 22 years, and he has placed more dental implants than any other dentist in New Zealand. Implant dentistry is now all that he does, and currently places over 800 implants per year. He is trusted by both the ACC and the New Zealand Defence Force to place implants for their clients. His documented success rate for implant surgery is 98% at 7 years, which exceeds the documented worldwide standard. (The worldwide standard success rate is 95% at 7 years).

Dr Sauer has been restoring implants with crowns/bridges/dentures for 18 years. She has restored thousands of implants in conjunction with Dr Worthington and other dental implant surgeons.

Some specialists in other disciplines of dentistry (e.g. oral surgery, periodontics) do also perform implant surgery. It is important to note that these practitioners are also not ‘dental implant specialists’, but rather specialists in another field in which they are registered. The majority of these practitioners perform occasional implant surgeries in addition to their main areas of expertise. Very few, if any, have the dental implant experience of our dentists at Dental Artistry.