Single Tooth Replacement | Implant Solutions


Mal Smith, Auckland

“After suffering a life time of crooked and crowded teeth I decided to do sometime about it. Dr Heidi Sauer recommended Invisalign Orthodontic aligners, a replacement of a discoloured and poorly fitted crown on the upper left central incisor and professional whitening of upper and lower teeth. The aligners took a year to do their job (painless and no one knew I had braces) and after the crown and whitening were done at the end of the treatment I could finally smile with confidence. There is no doubt Dental Artistry are the best dentists in Auckland for this type of work!”

Michelle Aleksich, Auckland

“My teenage daughter has just completed 2.5 years of orthodontic treatment under the care of Dr Sauer and her team. Her appearance is transformed with the most stunning smile and perfectly aligned teeth which have drawn numerous positive comments from other people. Dr Sauer’s practice is an unique combination of cutting edge technology and best practice dental care tempered with compassion for the young people in the chair. Incredible results, amazing care. My 8 year old daughter has also commenced orthodontic treatment with Dr Sauer and her team. It is testament to the outstanding people skills of the team, coupled with progressive technical skills that have resulted in not only her compliance in wearing her appliances but her pride in the gradual changes to her teeth and appearance. It is rare to find such a skill set within this profession, we have complete faith in their care.”

Kim Blaxall, Auckland

“I just wanted to say how amazing Beau’s teeth look! Just wanted to say on behalf of Beau and myself a big thank you and a fantastic job you all did to achieve this result. Beau is absolutely thrilled. Thanking you all for your time and effort.”

Amy Broadhurst, Auckland

"I absolutely love Heidi and the team, I have wanted braces since I was 9 years old and finally at the age of 35 I got them. I could not imagine going through this process with anyone else and I trust Heidi wholeheartedly. She has not only been able to help me, but has now been able to help my children with their teeth. We are a Dental Artistry family for life!"

Adri Hayden, Whangarei

"A HUGE thank you to Heidi, Mark and the team at Dental Artistry for all that they have done. I came to Heidi extremely unhappy with my previous orthodontic work, she has been absolutely amazing and I now have the smile I always wanted, with implants in place of the teeth I was told needed extracting, thank you Mark. I have to say never have I met such an awesome bunch of people, so friendly and welcoming. I couldn't be happier with my treatment and highly recommend Dental Artistry."

Claudia Clatworthy, Auckland

"I had braces put on 6 months ago so there is a lot of visits to Dental Artistry for my check ups. I remember being younger I hated going to the dentist and now going to Dental Artistry it is a whole different experience. You get to know all the staff really well and have a lovely chat every time you go in. I cannot wait for the day for my braces to come off and so that I can show off my great teeth and that will be thanks to Heidi at Dental Artistry."

​Alice Atkinson, Auckland

"Thanks Heidi, Linh, Lana and the whole team at Dental Artistry! Had adult braces attached to my teeth for two years, and my teeth are now lovely and straight. I always felt well looked after every step of the way, Thanks again!!"

Amanda Cox, Auckland

"Invisalign and the team at Dental Artistry are amazing! They've completely transformed my teeth without anyone noticing. I love my teeth now and can't believe I put it off for years!
If you've ever thought about changing your teeth, I'd absolutely recommend Invisalign. Heidi and her team at Dental Artistry rock! They really made the whole process extremely easy and far less daunting."