Implants Testimonials


Vicki Heaven, Auckland

“Mark, thank-you so much for the great job. It’s given me great confidence and made me a very happy person. Thanks again.”

Noel Rodgers, Auckland

“Four years ago I got false teeth. Six months ago I decided to have implants. Why did I wait so long?! My quality of life is now so much better; I can actually eat food! Money well spent.”

Helen Henderson, Auckland

“I am 81. If I can persuade one other elderly person to have implants I will be happy. The difference in my self confidence has been amazing. My implants keep my teeth firmly in my mouth. Here's to another ten years of eating anything I wish! ”

Ann Rose, New Plymouth

“I approached Mark with a view to replacing lower dentures which had
 never been successful in twenty years. The implants I received from 
him have anchored the new plate so firmly and comfortably and given me 
the confidence I had lacked ever since I lost my own teeth. I am now
 able to eat and speak with ease and only wish that I could have been 
able to have had this procedure followed earlier. For anyone
 hesitating I say ‘go for it’.”

Cherie Taylor, Auckland

“I tolerated ill-fitting lower dentures for 50 years. Then I met Mark Worthington and he gave me lower jaw implants and totally changed my life. No more constant ulcers or speech problems from floating teeth. Thank-you so much Implant Solutions.”

Betty Clyde, Auckland

“Thank-you to Mark and the team at Implant Solutions. I have had my lower denture implants for three years and they have given me a new lease on life. I can eat anything I want, anywhere, anytime, which I could not do before. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has problem dentures because it works.”

Ian Small, Auckland

“Thank-you for the excellent care I received and the great result that followed with the implants and the bridge. I am very pleased with the end result. Special thanks to Mark for his efforts and expertise; it makes a difference when you find someone who knows his field and actually cares about the end result.”

Mike Woods, Auckland

“One week on – what a revelation! After four years of not eating like any normal person should, and losing 13kg in weight, it’s just… it’s just great. Everyone in this situation should have this done. It really is fantastic. P.S My partner Joy reckons I’ve got my smile back.”

Anne Hales, New Plymouth

“Thank-you Mark. My new teeth are fantastic. I am no longer afraid to smile, nor am I constantly aware of my teeth. Waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and seeing my teeth looking back is just the greatest feeling. Dinner invitations will be happily accepted now I do not have to worry about what I may be able to eat.”

Don Alexander, Auckland

“It was in July 2006 that I decided to get an expert opinion as to the replacement of my upper jaw 10 tooth bridge that had been made and inserted in 1981. After a consultation with Mark I embarked on a major implant crusade where all of my upper teeth and my lower back teeth were removed and replaced with implants. The implant crusade has now ended and I am extremely happy with the treatment given and the end result. Mark has been very professional and he understood my concerns fully. Friends and relations have commented that the end result is indeed a desirable one. How anyone could go through life with dentures I don’t know. Yes, it was expensive, but I regard the dental treatment I was given as part of my overall health program and I can thoroughly recommend anyone to have it done.”

Annie Moy, Auckland

“These implants have made a huge difference to my life. I can now enjoy a steak or an apple anytime! Thank-you Mark.”

Maria Billet, New Plymouth

“No teeth in upper jaw? Denture never fits properly? Don’t worry, there is another way. I am 83 years old and was in that position. After a few preliminary visits I had one hour in the dentist’s chair – no discomfort – and I was soon back to eating things I had not eaten for years. I now confidently have a big smile again. Thank-you Mark.”

Peter Dale​​, Auckland

"I am a clinical dental technician and when I fractured the root of one of my front teeth I went to see Mark Worthington to have it replaced with a dental implant. Mark's work throughout the treatment was first rate and the end result is brilliant. So wonderful to have my front tooth back. Thanks to the whole team at Dental Artistry for the kind caring and professional manner in which they handle themselves."

​​Adrian Wong, Auckland

"For the major part of my life, I had dental issues. I finally researched dental implants and was highly recommended to visit Dental Artistry. I then had several consultations with Dr Heidi and Dr Mark. On their advice I had all my upper and lower teeth removed (no big deal since my mouth was filled with bridges) and replaced with implants.
My implant procedure commenced in 2013. It was a long process but in the hands of Heidi, Mark and the team, I had very professional care. I underwent some major surgery and Mark did an awesome job. My implants are finally in and I am happy with the end result. Heidi and Mark have given me back my confidence and smile! Thank you Dental Artistry."

​Barbara Olsen-Henderson, Oakura

"Mark was able to repair a high tech problem with my fixed bridge implants of 30 years. He fitted me in at very short notice on his trip to New Plymouth when my current dentist was unable to help me. I have to say I was blown away with his obvious expertise - you can't beat experience, skill and talent! I was so grateful that he was able to get me eating again I wanted to kiss his feet! But that would be unseemly - so a simple THANK YOU here will have to suffice. I've had a lot of people playing in my mouth over the years and I know a clever implant dentist when i come across one. He didn't hurt me - and he explained what he was doing. I appreciate that so much and I shall be moving to him as my dentist from now on. I recommend him to anyone needing help with current implants or even considering new ones. Thank you so much Mark."

​Robyn Wright, Auckland

"I have now had two implants performed by Dr Mark Worthington. Every aspect of my experience from start to finish was of the highest standard. The friendly and professional manner of the clinic staff was exceptional. The entire procedure from tooth extraction to implant was made so much easier by the high quality of service and skill. I am so happy with the result."

​Gary Martinsen, Tuakau

"Wow. Mark and your team (Jo and Lana) are amazing. And your Tooth Maker (Toshi) is a magician. My friends and family cannot even tell which two teeth are my new implants. And for those people out there considering getting implants with Dental Artistry.... NO. It doesn't hurt and the results are life-changing. Well done Dental Artistry. Thank you."

​Kevin Turner, Taranaki

"After many years of living with what I called discomfort and thinking my lower jaw pain was a symptom of another problem I contacted Implant Solutions. Their advice was to at least have lower implants and a fixed bridge fitted. Having proceeded with the fitting of a lower jaw implants and a bridge plus new upper dentures I am very very pleased with the outcome. My lower jaw pain arising from the lower denture has disappeared.
Mark and the team were very professional in their approach to their work and my satisfaction, near enough was never good enough and they ensured that I was informed at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending Implant Solutions to anyone considering implants."

​Robin Orr, Rotorua

"Today, Dr. Mark Worthington and his proficient team completed my procedure by placing the front tooth permanent crown on the implant. The result is quite amazing; I am delighted, over the moon even with my new crown and new confident smile."

​Lisa Travis, Auckland

"After nearly a 2 year journey I finally have the most beautiful front 4 teeth. Dr Mark Worthington and his wonderful assistant Jo have been incredible from start to finish. Faced with the prospect of losing my front 4 (top) teeth as the result of an accident when I was 9 combined with the discovery of periodontal disease I was in a very bad way. After extraction, bone grafting, implants and root planing I am a different woman. I even ate corn on the cob for the first time in over 30 years! Thank you so much for looking after me so well and restoring my confidence I will recommend you without hesitation."

​David Hollies, Auckland

"Had to have a badly damaged tooth removed and an implant inserted. Mark and team did a great job over four visits; excellent communication over the process and price. Reasonably expensive but the outcome is a fantastic looking new tooth that will support those around it. Well worth it!!!"

​Shay Colman, New Plymouth

"For the last 8 years I had been missing two of my front teeth after 2 separate accidents. With a child on the way and not wanting to be a toothless dad it was time to get things sorted.
I suffer from general anxiety disorder badly, so much so I don’t work or function well in society. Going to the dentist would usually require me to take medication, however after my consultation visit with Dr Worthington I left feeling so reassured in his abilities to make it a painless experience that I didn’t take medication on the day of my surgery. It turns out he's a man of his word as it was completely painless!
I had awesome teeth after having braces as a teenager so my parents were always disappointed to see my toothless smile. The first time my mother came to visit after I got my implants she burst into tears, she was so happy for me and like everyone else who’s seen them she was absolutely blown away at how authentic they look, truly they look identical to my real teeth, on top of that they feel great too. Thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job."

​Carol Will, New Plymouth

"Mark was very reassuring during the whole process explaining everything as he went but to be honest I was terrified that it was going to be painful and when I was sitting in the chair I almost changed my mind because I'm a big jessie when it comes to pain :) The great news is that I didn't have any pain after the surgery, in fact I didn't even take any painkillers after I left the surgery. I had no pain or swelling the next day although I did stick to soup for a couple of days just so the single tooth plate didn't aggravate the area.
All-in-all I was very impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending Mark's work :)"

​Terry Parkes, New Plymouth

"After a recent implant by Dr Mark Worthington, I felt to share my experience. Dentists have always been hugely scary for me, but the professionalism shown to me by Dr Worthington was very reassuring and I have had the whole procedure without any anxiety. Needless to say I'm very happy with my new implant."

​Phillipa Thomson, Auckland

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I have been with the efficient and professional care I have received whilst visiting this practice. I had two implants performed by Mark Worthington which were a dream compared to a couple of others I had done elsewhere. Mark was highly skilled at his job, as was his caring nurse.
I have also consulted Heidi and the hygienist and have found both have expertise in their field. I have no hesitation in recommending Dental Artistry to anyone else considering such surgery or dental work."

​Jane Reid, Auckland

"For over 2 years I had to give up my favourite summer food - salad - but thanks to Mark and the team I can now eat salads again - thanks to the implants that I have had done. I ask myself every day - 'Why didn't I do this before?'"

Lesley Freebody, Canberra, Australia

"I can’t believe I put up with the gap for so long, but I was just so scared after my previous experiences with other dentists. Thank-you so much for your patience and understanding and of course my beautiful teeth."

Meredyth Hughes, Flaxton, Australia

“I was delighted to have the extraction, implant and temporary tooth completed in one day, having been told in Brisbane that the process would take at least four months, and that I would either have a gap for that period, or need a plate. The prosthodontist who did the permanent crown was very impressed and said that he would start referring people to Implant Solutions”

Trevor Jackson, Brisbane, Australia

“I was refused two implants in Brisbane because they were said to be too technically difficult. I sought advice from Drs Worthington and Sauer in Auckland, and after a thorough professional work-up, Dr Worthington proceeded with both implants and they have been trouble free after three years, as have five crowns placed by Dr Sauer”

Richard McDonald, QLD, Australia

“Five years or so ago my teeth, or lack of, were telling me I needed some serious treatment, which included implants, in my upper and lower jaws.
I investigated widely the options in various countries, including my own, Australia. Thailand and India, as well as Singapore all sounded good but I was concerned about any ongoing problems, and any subsequent return trips which would have needed to be made. I visited Mark at Implant Solutions whilst on a holiday to WOMAD in New Plymouth. I was impressed with his prognosis, his complete professionalism, and confidence. The pricing was more competitive than in Australia, and the benefit of the exchange rate paid for my four trips to NZ for treatment.
I found that in Australia the process usually involved 3 people to get the job done. At Implant Solutions I could have the entire procedure completed in the one place. Mark is easily contactable with any concerns a patient may have, and I would recommend him highly.”

Wilton Dollin, Taree, Australia

“I had finally decided to get rid of my partial upper denture housing six separate teeth. I had a conversation with my dentist here in Australia about it. We discussed the options, to leave it alone as it was functioning ok, to rehabilitate the teeth with bridges or to get implants.
My dentist recommended against me having bridges as I would have a lot of good teeth ground down to accept the bridgework. When I asked about implants he said that was the best solution. The costs here in Australia are however very high. Even with top medical – dental cover it is still very expensive. Using the internet I did a lot of research on the implant procedure and where else I could have it done. India became the cheapest choice so I contacted a few clinics there. They were about a third of the Australian price. The Indian clinics became very pushy after my initial enquiries. They would telephone me at all hours to find out “how my decision process was coming along”. They also had partners in accommodation and travel pushing me as well.
I picked what seemed to be the best of them and did some research on their best doctor. It took me a few tries to get up to date photographs of their clinic. When I inspected the photos I could see that the rooms were not all that clean. To see dirt marks around wall light switches and general untidiness turned me right off. I talked to my travel agent and she said that the general cleanliness in most of the places in India was very much below standards we enjoy in Australia.
So I researched Phuket in Thailand and found some good clean clinics there. My travel agent knew of a few clients of hers that used one of the clinics. Costs were going to be a bit higher than India but I could get good travel deals so I thought I would get some detailed quotes. I sent them a good copy of my OPG x-ray for examination.
They came back to me with some good pricing and some detail of how they would do the procedure. Of most concern to me was their intention to do a sinus lift over one tooth prior to insertion of the implant. A quick check on Wiki described the procedure and a least two methods involved. It turns out the newer of the methods I researched was not used by them.
While trying to come to a decision I thought I would try a little closer to home with people that spoke the same language as me. I found a few sites on the net in New Zealand. One site in particular “Implant Solutions” seemed to have a wealth of good information about the practice with good sharp photos of equipment and detailed information on the staff.
I sent a copy of the OPG to Dr Mark Worthington of “Implant Solutions” for his opinion and a rough quote. The replies to my endless questions were answered thoroughly and left me with nothing left to question before I had to make a decision.
Mark’s replies to all of my concerns and questions were clear and precise. In particular his description of his methods and equipment seemed ahead of what I had seen to date. I further investigated the particular implants he suggested and was pleased to see they are leaders in the industry.
Even though the pricing was a bit more than Phuket, it seemed to me to be money better spent and my initial confidence was higher than Asia. With the favorable exchange rate, relatively cheap air fares to New Zealand and not having to bother with a visa, I made an easy decision to travel to New Zealand for the procedure.
Once I arrived at the practice Mark introduced himself and clearly explained the whole procedure. It was refreshing to see a practitioner take such personal interest and attention to a patient before being “wheeled in” so to speak. I have had a few operations over the years and I have never been more at ease before a procedure.
The implanting of the six units took a couple of hours but at no stage did I feel Mark was rushing to get the job finished. He took particular care with his selection of equipment and implants. The procedure was quite different to extractions or fillings but not worse or more painful.
I had some rebuilding of wasted bone structure using material from the drilling of the implants. I was very pleased to be getting my own body material for that rather than the proprietary material offered to me in Asia. It was good to see that Mark had a good eye for what he wanted the final look of the new teeth to be and was taking the necessary steps to that end. At all times Mark was constantly checking my comfort level and keeping me informed how the procedure was progressing. In doing that he kept me as relaxed as he could and my anxiety level was pretty good throughout.
After the implants were finished Mark sat me down and gave me a kit of medicine and cleaning instructions to go. I was clearly informed of what to expect in the next few days and weeks. I had a printed set of instructions with the kit to refer to. It seemed there was nothing overlooked.
I was pleased and surprised to receive an overseas telephone call from Mark a couple of days after my return to Australia. He was checking on my condition and if I was following the care instructions he had supplied. Very thorough!
I was most impressed by the care and attention to my physical and mental state through this entire process. I am now waiting the recommended time for the implants to take. There is no infection anywhere and my gums at the implant sites are getting tougher by the day. I am looking forward to going back to New Zealand for the rest of the procedure and to have a bit of a holiday and some sightseeing next year. Can’t wait for my new teeth!”

Paul Newing, Auckland

"I have lost a few dentures in the past through scuba diving and out on my boat. I finally decided to get implants with Dr Worthington. What impressed me the most was the speed with which it was done. From my first phone call to getting the implants in was only about six weeks. I was also really impressed with the fact that it was pain free - I wasn't expecting that. It just went so smoothly.
Now I can eat things that I wasn't able to before - eating apples and nuts and those sort of things. And I'll never lost my dentures again - not unless I lose my head!"

Anne Wilson, New Plymouth

"After 20 years of constant eating problems and 3 sets of dentures I heard about Implant Solutions. The information I received was all positive so I decided to take the plunge and explore this option.
Previously I had been very limited in what I could eat. I had great difficulty in eating nuts, raw veges, fruit, crusty bread and most red meats. I had constant problems with ulcers and sore gums. Eating out was always a problem and not something I looked forward to.
After meeting with Mark and talking over the procedure I felt confident in going ahead with the implants. I found the procedure straight-forward and relatively painless. Within days I was able to eat most foods without discomfort. Now after a month I can eat and enjoy all those foods previously off limits. Other unexpected benefits have been the ability to talk and sing with greater ease and freedom.
I had not realized the sub-conscious effort that had gone into controlling my lower denture. Having implants has been life changing for me and I shall forever be grateful."

Murray Tennent-Brown, Auckland

"I am writing to express my thanks for the recent implant work you performed for me. Since the implants were fitted I have been gradually regaining confidence in my front teeth, both from a cosmetic perspective and the ability to bite on them without the risk of damage. These improvements have made a really positive impact on my daily life. I find myself smiling more readily and have had good comments from my partner, family and friends.
It has been a pleasure to deal with Implant Solutions. You are doing the simple things really well; returning calls, good communication and through explanations throughout. I hope I won't be in need of your services again, but if I were, I would gladly return. It is reassuring to know that there are professionals like yourselves committed to excellence and ensuring a result well above expectation for their customers.
I wish you all the best for the future and may the good work continue."

Petro Peycke, Auckland

"I was referred to Mark after breaking my front tooth.
After a frightening experience losing my tooth it all turned out well. The morning with Mark was comfortable, reassuring and pain free. The implant gave me the confidence to smile again.
I'll recommend it to everyone who loses a tooth."

Marcel Naenen, New Plymouth

"A wonderful sensation to be able to enjoy and apple again!"

Katherine Thurston, New Plymouth

"It's great not to have to take my teeth out to clean them and I have a greater confidence in my appearance.
I love my new smile and so do my friends. I would absolutely recommend implants!"

Susan Greenhead, New Plymouth

"Once again thank you for your fantastic work! I am so happy with the final result. But most importantly is the significant improvements to my health since the removal of the root canals. I can't thank you enough for that as the improvements have been life changing! Thank you."

Lynn Connell, Auckland

"I have recently enjoyed the considerable benefit of implant treatment performed by Dr Mark Worthington at the clinic he practices in partnership with Dr Heidi Sauer in Newmarket, Auckland.
I had a complete laryngectomy in 1982 and, despite best efforts of a number of eminent Auckland dental surgeons, I finally had to have my few remaining lower jaw teeth extracted and a plate fitted late last year. I am now a mostly retired lawyer and both speaking and eating are now difficult for me in any event. My original plate was completely ineffective and my ability to eat reduced to nutritional supplements and purees. Worse, my ability to speak was further impaired because the plate kept wandering about, making me even more unintelligible. It just wouldn't sit and provide a stable platform, and denture adhesive was a waste of money and effort.
My local dentist recommended implants and Mark Worthington as the most appropriate person she know of to handle my particular case. It should be appreciated that my lower jaw was anticipated to be abnormally weak and insecure due to excessive radiation in 1982, although fortunately it turned out not to be in close examination.
I have nothing but praise for the considerate, caring, painless and to date completely effective implant surgery I received. Everything was carefully explained, my wishes as to an accelerated treatment plan were, after due consideration of the risks involved, followed. I suffered no post procedure pain, miniscule swelling and bruising and no bleeding.
With the co-operation and efforts of my local dentist and her dental technician I now have a fully functioning, comfortable (so far as they ever are!) and effective lower jaw plate barely five weeks after the initial implant procedure was performed by Mark. Remarkable.
I am using 'training' locators for the implants which are intended to 'grip' less tightly to allow the jaw to heal around the implants but the permanent locators are due to be substituted in early May if all goes well, as I am sure that it will. I already have an excellent and stable platform to eat and talk with, and do far have had no need to use dental adhesive.
I most highly recommend both the implant procedure, and Mark Worthington's excellent conduct of it."