All Teeth Replacement

All Teeth Replacement

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What are the options if you need an all teeth replacement procedure?

Conventional dentures can make life difficult as they move and slip, causing a variety of problems. This is why full mouth dental implants are the best option to consider.

Dentures are often chosen by patients because they are more economical, but they do not perform perfectly. They can slip and move, distorting speech, limiting food choices, and causing sores and ulcers. Even if the dentures fit well to begin with, over time they wear out and can start to move. Added to that, the lack of teeth means that the jaw bone may shrink and start to change the shape of your face.

Full dental implants overcome the shortcomings of dentures and are as close to having your real teeth as you can get. Patients find the initial cost of full mouth implants completely justified as they can live for years with beautiful, natural and highly functional teeth.

What are your options for teeth replacement?

Full mouth dental implants

Fixed bridge implants are ideal when you need to replace all teeth. These are when four or six implants are surgically inserted into the gums on each quadrant of the mouth. Then, artificial teeth are created and screwed onto the implants. This is commonly known as an all-on-four or all-on-six.

These full denture implants create a life-long tooth replacement option that is secure and give you a naturally beautiful smile.

Fixed bridge step-by-step procedure

Here's an example of how we can replace your teeth if they are all missing, or if all the teeth require removal. In this case, a fixed bridge - with all of the teeth contained in one unit - is attached to a few dental implants.

no teeth 2.JPG


Step 1: We start with a consultation, x-rays, and any preparatory work. This may include removal of existing teeth or treating gum problems. A 3D CAD-CAM image of the mouth is created and this helps to plan out the process.

Implants in.jpg

Placing the implants

Step 2: The implants are placed in the mouth, under local anaesthetic. The surgery is performed using a keyhole technique using the model made in step 1, so that swelling and discomfort are kept to a minimum.


Attaching the bridge

Step 3: The teeth are attached, sometimes in a later surgery but often can be done soon after the implants. This simple process does not take long, and your beautiful teeth are now complete.

final solution.JPGThe beautiful result

Your new teeth look and feel just like natural teeth. You will now be able to eat foods that were impossible to manage with dentures.

Retained overdenture

The retained overdenture procedure is different from the fixed bridge procedure in that they are removable. These dentures are fixed to remaining teeth or roots, and can be taken out for cleaning or when you sleep at night. But unlike conventional dentures, they are fixed in place during the day and will not slip.

However, both those options are only suitable if there are multiple teeth to replace and remaining teeth to adhere the implants to. The only permanent, attractive and stable option for full teeth replacement is full dental implants.

Overdenture step-by-step procedure

Here’s another example of how we can replace your teeth if they are all missing (or if all teeth require removal).

In this case an overdenture is anchored to two dental implants. The implants stabilize the denture and keep it firmly in position.

Installing the implants

Step 1: The first step is installing dental implants to secure the overdenture. Only two implants are needed.

Overdenture implants only (1).jpg

Overdenture implants and denture (1).jpg

Attaching the overdenture

Step 2: The overdenture is securely fixed on top of the implants. It is able to be removed for cleaning and oral hygiene.

The beautiful result

At last, there’s no need to worry about a slipping, sliding or clicking denture. You’re free to enjoy life.

Is the cost of full mouth dental implants worth it?

People love the positive impact of having fully functioning teeth. Dental implants give you freedom from worrying about your teeth as you no longer need to restrict your diet due to tooth worries. You can go about your life without any concerns about your teeth moving or causing speech problems.

The main advantage of full mouth implants is how closely they mimic your own original teeth. The implants fuse with your jawbone and prevent it from shrinking. Dental implant surgery has a very high success rate. Thanks to computer guided surgery, it can now be completed efficiently with minimal discomfort and pain.

Trust the experts

If you’re looking to replace all your teeth, choose someone you can trust to carry out the surgery . Dental Artistry specialises in implant dentistry. We have restored over 7000 dental smiles since 2000. Everyone involved with the procedure is highly experienced, meaning you have a better outcome.

Dr. Sheng Zhang and Dr. Worthington have excellent reputations and are especially adept at this type of surgery. Dr. Worthington has performed dental implant surgery more times than any other dentist in New Zealand, making him highly sought-after for his skill and excellent results.

All procedures under one roof

At Dental Artistry, we have the largest implant inventory in New Zealand and we also offer other implant related procedures including tooth extraction, bone grafting and ACC dental implant care, among others. The whole process right from the preliminary x-rays to the actual implant surgery and then placing the teeth, is done in one place.

We have seen dental implants make a huge difference in our patients’ quality of life. If you want an incredible smile, secure teeth and the best quality service, give us a call. Phone 095244541 or request an appointment. We have branches in Auckland and New Plymouth, and we want to give you a fantastic, top quality set of teeth. It’s truly a life-changing procedure and we deliver fantastic results.