Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening

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teeth-whitening-dental-artistry-auckland.pngTooth whitening is a simple, safe and effective method for dealing with stained or yellowed teeth and creating a lighter and brighter smile. Dental Artistry offers a choice of two tooth whitening methods:

Zoom is an in-office tooth whitening method that takes about one hour. Zoom achieves excellent results in one short convenient appointment. Tooth whitening has never been easier.

Home Whitening allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We provide clients with a tooth whitening kit and special thin plastic mouthguards that are moulded exactly to the teeth. Usage is simple: a thin layer of whitening agent should be dispensed in the mouthguards, which should then be worn on the teeth for a couple of hours per day, or, alternatively, overnight. This process can be continued for up to two weeks, depending on the client's desired result. Home Whitening is a very successful and safe procedure.

Free Consultation

All prospective tooth whitening clients are invited to visit our dental practice for a free 15 minute consultation. This allows our staff to answer any questions you may have about the procedures used to whiten teeth. We also assess your suitability and discuss likely results.

For further information please see our FAQs about Zoom and FAQs about home whitening. You can also view our before and after gallery or contact us on (09) 524 4541.