Kyle Ashley, Wellington

"I couldn't be happier with my treatment from the great team at Dental Artistry.
My varied and often severe TMJ (Jaw Joint) related symptoms almost stopped me working. All those symptoms have gone as im in the final stage of my treatment.
After almost a year of looking for relief elsewhere, the work at Dental Artistry resulted in rapid initial relief of the worst symptoms within a week due to a custom mouth splint, moving through to braces to align things correctly and more permanently. As this re-alignment progresses, the rest of the related symptoms have reduced to almost none. Anyone who has had a bad dizzy spell, the worst of the symptoms, should get their TMJ checked out. Many seeming unrelated symptoms might be cleared up also, due to the complex nerve structure in the area and its effect on the vestibular system."

Gitte Soee, Auckland

"Heidi is the first dentist I had met that is so specialized with TMJ problems. After many years of trying to get my jaw problems better, having tried many orthodontists and specialists, I still had a lot of jaw pain and migraines. By co-incidence I came to Heidi and we started treatment of my jaws. It was a life-changer for me; my jaws are so much better, my migraines from my jaws are gone. Heidi is the best person, dentist and jaw specialist you can imagine and simply the best to go to in her field. Thank-you so much for everything."

Sylvia Kim, Auckland

"I came to Dental Artistry with jaw joint problems a few years back and had TMJ treatment. Happy to say the treatment has improved my jaw and its placement drastically and finished with very happy results. Also glad to have found such a nice clinic full of funny and friendly professionals - I enjoy my visits."

M.B., Auckland

"My jaw had always clicked, but I had thought little of it, and dentists had told me not to worry. Then one morning I woke up and I couldn’t open my mouth more than about 2cm. That was frightening! I went straight to A&E but they said they couldn’t help me and told me to go to a dentist. I rang my dentist and she recommended that I phone Heidi at Dental Artistry. I phoned Dental Artistry and they got me in that day. Heidi injected my jaw and got it opening again properly and recommended that I return to have treatment. I went back and have since had my jaw treated, including braces, which have just come off. My jaw now opens fully and has stopped clicking. Also the neck pain that I had suffered with for years has gone away, as has the ringing in my ears which I never realized I had until it was gone. I’m really glad I found Heidi and Dental Artistry because I don’t know how I would have coped if I couldn’t open my mouth properly again. I now know that I should have had my jaw treated before it got that bad, but I’m just glad it was able to be fixed and I am very grateful to Heidi and the staff at Dental Artistry."

M.A., Japan

"I have been suffering TMJ problems for a long time. In the beginning, it was quiet clicking sounds in my jaws and I did not take too much notice of it. Of course I did not know anything about TMJ then. But things have gotten worse, after receiving orthodontic treatment in Japan to straighten my teeth 5 years ago. Every time I opened my mouth, my jaws would make terrible noises. My face was in constant pain, from grinding and clenching in the evening. I would wake up crying at night. I cannot remember having one night of undisrupted sleep. My life was miserable.
I was in pain 24 hours a day, from my face down to neck and shoulders. Constantly in a state of dizziness, feeling like not getting enough blood circulating to the head, I suspected myself of having anaemia. My body felt so weak, I would faint. I could not sit still for a long time in a car or on a chair, because it would make my pain worse.
Something was very wrong with me. But doctors would tell me that everything was normal. Their advice was “Think positively. You are suffering from stress.” When my only stress was the pain I was in. No one understood me. Not even my family.

Nothing worked. I continued to lose my sleep and my appetite. How could I feel positive when my body feels like this? I was a lost soul, and became chronically depressed.

But once I finally found out that I was suffering from TMJ three years had passed of not being able to study, work or even socialize with people around me. It took me so long, because I had no knowledge in dentistry and seriousness of TMJ was not widely recognized in Japan.

Now I know that teeth, jaw and all muscles around my head work together in a delicate and complicated way. The right balance could be lost from one wrong dental treatment. I have heard of people suffering from headaches in stiff shoulders, just from getting fillings done.

My orthodontist removed 4 of my healthy teeth during my treatment. Then he tightened my teeth to fill the gap, thus causing my jaws to move backwards and put my jaw joints out of natural position. It is terrifying for me to recall what has been done to me.

But how do I reverse all the wrongs in my body? Finding the right dentist was not an easy task. My orthodontist refused to accept that my TMJ originated from his treatment. He was so happy with his work, he even asked to take pictures of my teeth and use it for his lectures in universities.

I looked for advices from other dentists. Some told me not to talk or eat for 3 days. Some referred me straight to chiropractor and recommended me to have bones in my skull manipulated. It was very confusing.

Through internet, I found that there were many people suffering from TMJ in Japan. But it was still difficult to find a good dentist. To my eyes, many dentists there did not seem to have professional skill to work on balancing of the jaws, which led me to look for help internationally. Treatment for TMJ in USA was far advanced than Japan, so it was my best bet at the time. But with my fiancé living in Auckland, I was hoping to find someone here with knowledge of TMJ treatment.

So I was excited to find Dr. Heidi Sauer at Dental Artistry’s home page. With her background training in USA and Europe, it was very promising.

Honestly speaking. I was still anxious and sceptical when I first visited her. At the time, I had lost faith in Japanese dentists, and my physical and mental health was so bad for so long, that I was close to losing my edge.

But Heidi really took time listening to my story. Then she explained to me in words I could understand, about TMJ and my condition. Finally, I met with a dentist who can really make sense to me.

I was also impressed by her approach as a person. She understands that it is not only about fixing up some teeth. She made effort to communicate with me to find best solution for my symptom. No compromises. I felt like she was able to understand my pain and suffering.

Immediately, she was able to ease my pain. Now I am so much better mentally, and physically. Stress is now much reduced, having no facial pain and having the right bite. I am much happier and sleeping well.

I wish TMJ is recognized more. People may think having the bad bite or clicking-jaws is not going to kill you. But I lost too many of my youth years to this, feeling alone with no understanding from my peers.

You have to treat the cause, and for me it was about reversing the treatment wrongly done. It was not a natural cause.

It is your responsibility to protect your own health. It is important to educate yourself about the treatment you are receiving. I still regret about not having the knowledge when I had my orthodontic treatment done in Japan. We have the right to choose a dentist to do a good job.

For me, I found the right dentist I could trust. Heidi’s treatment was always clear and simple, answering all my questions. Shefreed me up from my pain and misery. Because of her I have energy to travel and even get married. Years I spent being unwell feels like another life to me now. She has changed my life. She is a super, super doctor”