Veneers and crowns


Kerin Brooking, Rotorua

“I am so glad I found Dental Artistry. I had veneers placed on my four front teeth by a general dentist in 2006. I was really unhappy with the veneers as they didn’t look good and made my gums really sore and inflamed. I was so incredibly upset because I had invested a lot of money and time and emotion in improving my teeth.
The dentist couldn’t fix them so he sent me to a specialist prosthodontist in Remuera to have the veneers redone. Before the prosthodontist started his work he made me sign a document saying that if I was unhappy with the result of his work I wouldn’t ask for my money back. He redid the veneers but the result was little better than the first set. Two of the teeth had a gap between them, and my gums were still inflamed and bled constantly. Two years after having the second set of veneers placed, one of them fell off. I was out of town at the time and I had to tie the veneer to my tooth with dental floss to keep it on.
Finally in desperation I found Heidi at Dental Artistry. She redid the veneers for the third time. Heidi’s veneers have now been in place for three years and they look beautiful. I am very happy with the result and my gums are no longer inflamed. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone wanting to improve their smile. Heidi’s work costs a wee bit more than others, but it’s worth paying the extra to get a result you’re happy with first time.”

Gary Jenkins, Auckland

“Following much contemplation I first attended Dental Artistry 4 years ago knowing that I would require significant treatment. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. I have always found the staff to be professional and following the expert skill of Dr Sauer and the team, I now feel that my teeth are in the best condition ever and trouble-free. It is without hesitation that I would recommend the services of Dental Artistry.”

Chai Ko, Auckland

“I’d been to more than 55 dentists in Auckland, Singapore and Australia before finding my ideal dentists – Heidi and Mark. My efforts have paid off!!! Heidi and Mark did an excellent job. Thank-you!!!”

B.C., Auckland

“I come from a generation where visits to the dentist invariably ended up with drillings, fillings and often a fair amount of pain. Heidi, you and your professional colleagues have completely changed my perspective on caring for my dental health – something I should have done sooner, but perhaps I have done enough now to preserve my teeth and gums for the remaining years of my life (another 40 would be good!) LOL
I arrived at Dental Artistry in January – predominantly through the kindness and encouragement of your staff. I kept coming back, due to the skill and incomparable kindness of all of the staff and of course, your good self!
I thought I might never smile or laugh again in a spontaneous manner. When I told you that you have given me the best Christmas present I ever received, I was expressing my true and deepest feelings. Not once at the practice have I ever felt judged or made to feel I was not doing enough. In fact, the opposite is true.
Thank-you again from the bottom of my heart.”

A.H., Auckland

“I have hated my teeth all of my life. I had them crowned when I was in my 20’s but they still weren’t perfect – there was something about them that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, plus I thought the crowns looked a bit fake.
Finally for my 50th birthday I decided to do something about them. I was trepidatious because I wanted to make sure that if I invested the time and funds required, I would get the very best result possible. I decided to see a crown specialist as I presumed that a specialist would have the most knowledge and experience to do the best job. I ended up having all of my upper teeth recrowned. The new crowns certainly looked better than my old crowns, but they still didn’t look natural to me, and I still didn’t like my smile. I decided to seek some more opinions from other dentists about whether the new crowns could be improved upon. I went to a couple of consultations with cosmetic dentists but none of them could really explain just what wasn’t right about the crowns, and they seemed hedgy about whether they could be improved.
Then I went for a consultation with Heidi at Dental Artistry. She elucidated immediately what was wrong – the crowns were on a slant that didn’t match my face, amongst other issues. Her obvious experience gave me confidence and I decided to have her redo my treatment. It’s now six months since Heidi did the work and I’m 100% happy. The new crowns look great and best of all – natural. I am still surprised by all of the extra work that Heidi seemed to do compared with the specialist to make sure things were right, and I know that she sent the crowns to Australia to be made as the quality was better. Ultimately my tribulations were worth all of the effort; I’m just sorry that I didn’t see Heidi from the start. I can wholeheartedly endorse Dental Artistry.”

Sharon Reed, Auckland

“I have reached a certain age and wanted to ‘perk up my looks’ without the aid of Botox etc. Heidi has created a new smile upon my face and I can’t stop smiling. Heidi is such a perfectionist and I felt very comfortable putting all my trust in her. I am going back for further treatment to perfect my smile and to listen to Heidi singing one liners from the current radio programme.”