Dental Artistry is a boutique dental practice with a focus on providing the highest quality cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and orthodontics in a caring environment

Our world-class facility is in a beautiful, relaxing setting. Our highly trained and regarded Auckland dentists take a holistic approach to your dental needs. We do not just treat immediate dental issues, but aim to provide our patients with lifelong oral health.

Our approach

The aim of our dentists is to provide all of our clients with a beautiful smile, a comfortable and efficient bite and excellent oral health. The quality of our dental treatment, infection control procedures, dentists and staff is exceptional and uncompromised. Our patients are treated with the utmost respect, courtesy and confidentiality. We take the time to listen to our patients’ dental goals so we can fulfil their expectations.

Our services

Dental Artistry offers a full suite of services to help you achieve a healthy smile and lifelong oral health. Our services include:

We work collaboratively to treat all of your dental needs in one convenient location.